The Me I want to See Versus the me I See

I don’t like what I see…

I don’t like what I see. I look in the mirror, and see frumpy and fat with cutting scars that people would never love me for. They litter my arms, my legs and there are healing ones on my side. I fall in love and I get hurt. And when I think I finally get a break. Find the right one. He goes and hurts me. We are this on again off again couple. And when I finally think we are done… And I let myself give in to the feelings for my┬ábest friend, I have to go and make him wait. I lie to him. Then I let there be a chance that I get back together with this other guy. Hurting him in the process. Because I’m not ready to move on. He said he would wait. No matter what. He is amazing. And I don’t deserve him.

I hate what I see.